29 years old,

The captain of the boat! This avid free diver and scuba diver (divemaster) is unconditionally in love with sharks and has already dragged his flippers all over the world as an expat engineer (Kenya, Iraq, Philippines, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Gabon, Nigeria…)


27 years old, Naval Engineer.

Free diver, diver (rescue diver), fisherman, and handyman. This total breakneck has worked in Mauritius, Brazil, Malaysia and is currently located by the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. Never serious but always measured, he is always on the lookout for new experiences.


27 years old, cameraman

Armel is only satisfied with huge flippers to defy gravity and equipped with a camera to immortalize his underwater encounters. His studies and his experiences in biology and documentary realization take him on this expedition to share with the greatest number the secrets of the sharks and the backstage of the adventure


29 years old, Diving Instructor.

This solid adventuress will be the Spielberg of the group! Not only her directing and filming experience will allow to present the incredible adventure, but the boys will also feel reassured by her presence. Indeed, the young diving instructor has worked since 2015 with the bull sharks on the famous Playa del Carmen spot in Mexico!

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