The Project


To demystify this sovereign of the oceans and change this reputation that sadly sticks to the shark, to send a strong message, reach as wide an audience as possible and raise awareness of the importance of preservation.


To enhance the value of their project, the crew plans to sail in a one hundred percent autonomous way. It will do so through equitable fishing, experimenting with marine gardens, conservation techniques, and by using desalinators and renewable energies.


Their journey will take them on a 40-foot sailing boat from Brest to Guadalupe Island via the Canary Islands,Playa del Carmen, Bahamas, Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica to meet with five species of sharks: tiger, hammerhead, bull, whitetip and great white.


In support of science

During their journey, the members of the expedition will carry out a series of missions in partnership with French scientific institutions and collaborative research center. Focusing on the monitoring and study of mesophotic coral, plankton, and cetaceans.




« Lords of the Ocean » is the brainchild of four friends, passionate about diving, the oceans and sailing, who decided to combine their skills to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

  Since the dawn of history, one living being has raised this greatest admiration and respect: The Shark

It is true that this fish has a bad image, generated by a lack of knowledge and because it awakens the deep-rooted fears of a public fed scary movies portraying the shark as a man-eating predator. Which it is not. 


Most shark species are in danger, in particular because of despicable overfishing. As the rare whistle-blowers face relative indifference, these four adventurers have decided to act and have imagined an original way to change the image of the shark, while integrating this goal in a project that brings together their passion and taste for pushing themselves beyond their limits.


In early 2019, aboard their sailing boat, they will leave to meet the five species of sharks deemed most dangerous to humans to realize an off the beaten tracks documentary film (or rather off the beaten currents).

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